Sports Massage Therapy

What is Sports Massage Therapy?
Massage techniques that are applied specifically to athletes, with the purpose of enhancing the athletes preparation for, or recovery from the physical demands of training. Specific muscles are targeted to decrease the risk of injury and improve recovery time.
Who can have Sport Massage Therapy?
All ages and all types of athletes! 
Our very own LINDSAY GEIGER, RMT, is a Canadian Sports Massage Therapist. Give us a call at (905) 878-7775 or email at to book in with her today!

Hamstrings and Low Back Pain…..

As Physiotherapists we often see many low back pain patients. Did you know that tight hamstrings can limit pelvic mobility and put strain on the low back? Always get checked out by a Physiotherapist if you have any low back pain, but remember when you’re exercising and playing sports to stretch afterwards and cool down the body!

Spine Health – Hamstring Stretches for Low back pain relief (Click here)

Custom Orthotics and GaitScan!

We are SO excited to launch the latest in custom orthotics technology! At TONIC we have started using GaitScan to capture our patients feet for the purpose of creating the BEST orthotics for them! GaitScan allows us to gather information that is near impossible the the naked eye – it shows us the areas of pressure on the bottom of the feet, and even shows potential areas of injury and wear.

Come in today and book an appointment to have your custom orthotics made! There are lots to choose from whether you have dress shoes, high heels, work boots or soccer cleats!